For all the pooches

wanting to play

A place to escape

the worries of the day


This pooch plaza

is one of a kind

For every dog

this is the perfect find


Here is a place 

To relax in the sun

Big dogs and small dogs

Can have all sorts of fun


Labradors to Retrievers

Chiuahuas to Poodles

Every dog is welcome

From great danes to labradoodles


Here is a place 

For dogs to stay

A big dog, a small dog

There one in the same


Dogs of all color

Yellow, black, or blue

All dogs can come

And you can come too


8/5/16 Josh L.

4969 West Broad Street

Sugar Hill, GA 30518


10:00am-8:00ish pm

Kitchen closes at 7:00pm

Closed all major holidays.

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